31 de março de 2014


If you still haven't saw that, you MUST!

I know, I am suspect because I'm a Batman Beyond Artist,
 but I'm not saying this by myself and, yes, by the GREAT writer Kyle Higgins
 and all new scripts I have read. You won't miss that.

DC link here:

6 de março de 2014

Batman Beyond 2.0 #15 - The End of the Second Arc

I'm very happy with all spoilers I've been heard from fans about the last issue
 and closing of second arc of Batman Beyond 2.0

I haven't worlds for to say thank you Beyond's fans. And first of all, all of us
 can say thanks to our editor Alex Antone, to the masterful Kyle Higgins 
and to the amazing colorist Emilio Lopez.

If you still don't saw this issue, I just want to tell you don't miss it.

And here's some of biggest moments of this dramatic ending.

18 de fevereiro de 2014

Batman Beyond 2.0 #14 - "We are Monsters"

I won't talk anything more than...

Please, run and get it. You have to know about the dialogues on this issue.
Kyle Higgins bring a... SO strength drama between Bruce and Dr. Kirk. 
There's a "Bruce Beyond" as you never knew.

4 de fevereiro de 2014

Last Moments - Interview about Daredevil: Dark Nights

Hello Everyone! 

So, as you know, Daredevil: Dark Nights ends and then a got a interview about that.

If it was a good interview or not, I was just honest. I am rude to myself and my art, 
so I try to be like that with everything more.

I thank Kuljit who give me this chance! Thank you and all the readers of your site.

Here it is - http://www.manwithoutfear.com/daredevil-interviews/Thony-Silas

I have to thank all the fans of Daredevil that likes my art  or tolerated me
 for three editions. Thanks to my editor Thomas Brennan,  Jimmy Palmiotti 
and the entire team of colorists and inkers.

22 de janeiro de 2014

TERRY MCGUINNIS - First Piece in Watercolor

It was supposed to be just a sketch to warm the hands and ideas
 for the next layouts that I do now, but got carried away. 

Anyway, now this is the first art of Batman Beyond colored in watercolor.

9 de janeiro de 2014



I love to see them together :)
In fact, I love to see... this nostalgic atmosphere between them.

If you still don't know about Batman Beyond 2.0 here is your chance.

6 de janeiro de 2014


First of all, if someone can still accept that, I think it's still time to wish you
 a Happy New Year to all of you who follow me here.

Beginning the year with my last participation in the series, Daredevil Dark Nights. 
This was the last issue of the series and I can only thank everyone who likes it.
 I still intend to do a specific post on this experience, so for now I have to say: 
It was a great pleasure.

My invitation for all of you is:
Go! Go and enjoy it!